Ran Tsukikage (Japanese: 月影蘭 Tsukikage Ran) is the skilled ronin heroine of the 13-episode series, Carried by the Wind: Tsukikage Ran.


Ran is calm and quiet, as well as ignorant sometimes. However, she also has a laid-back attitude in her. She doesn't speak unless needed to. Ran, posseses great intelligence and is shown to be quite witty. Although a fine samurai, she does not kill without any thorough thinking. Ran takes a liking of naps and sakes. She always goes wherever the wind takes her.


Ran was first seen taking an afternoon nap under a tree, until three men came to her, mistooking her as a man, to ask for her help in defeating an enemy who took over the town a few years ago. She was irritated at them disturbing her nap, and declined their offer. They soon realised that she was a woman, but still they tried to convince her, knowing she is a samurai. However, their effort further irritated her, causing her to slash their clothes with her katana, thus making them leave. Sometime after that, Ran stumbled upon a girl and the three men surrounded by a group of dangerous men. Ran saves them, and left again. Walking in the streets of the town, she realised she was hungry, but had no money left. Ran talked to her own stomach, as a woman laughed at her, and finally offered Ran food in her uncle's restaurant. Ran ate the food and thanked them, promising she will pay them back.

Suddenly, the group of man who attacked the girl and the three siblings arrived and took the restaurant's money, until Ran fought them and they flee. More coming soon...